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A mix of policies can be used to protect against a range of eventualities:. Some can be combined with investment elements. Using the right combination makes them more cost-effective.

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We measure our success by your satisfaction. Since Finesco was founded in 1984 in Glasgow, Scotland, our high level of client loyalty has been a major source of pride.

In the 30 years since we started, the financial maze has become increasingly complex, but our focus has remained constant: guiding clients to the financial destination of their choice.

All clients are unique. Their destinations and chosen routes differ, but our approach is the same: offering tailor-made, personal guidance which puts clients first… in short, we try to step into our clients’ shoes.

To do this, we spend time gaining a thorough understanding of your current situation, where you want to go, how you want to get there and how soon. We will work with you to prepare a thoroughly researched and personal financial plan, designed to take you where you want to go. Once approved by you, we implement it in a way and to a timescale that suits you.

This, though, is just the beginning. We then make sure you stay on course, through changes in the financial landscape and in your life.

We call this Strategic Lifestyle Planning. It includes annual planning meetings, regular updates and reviews, all with the aim of keeping your financial plans moving in the right direction, until you have reached your destination, achieving your goals and ambitions.

Even then, life does not stand still, so we are on hand to ensure you maintain your achievement, protecting the wealth created.

During this journey, as your guide we will ensure you do not have to struggle with strange language. We will translate the jargon and technical terms of the financial world into plain English so you can be sure of understanding and of being understood.

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