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Finesco can advise on pension schemes which can fund business projects rather than being just an overhead, making a tax-efficient scheme even more attractive.

About You

Financial well-being depends on many factors: feeling safe in your job, having savings to fall back on, making adequate retirement provision and providing financial protection in the event of ill-health.

Mostly though it depends on aligning your financial planning with you, your needs and your wishes. If you feel insecure unless you have a certain sum immediately to hand, then nothing less will make you feel secure. All of us are different.

Expert advice, however, can open new possibilities while protecting your sense of security. One approach is to build a pyramid of investments. At its base is a broad foundation of low-risk investments, such as savings accounts - which might offer immediate access or require notice periods in return for higher interest rates.

On this base you may add some medium-risk investments, such as pooled investments in shares through a unit trust, investment trust or open-ended investment company. On this you could add direct investment in shares or property.

However, you will change, as we all do: your life, your circumstances, your needs, your attitudes. Perhaps you have met someone you might want to marry in a few years’ time.

Perhaps you now find yourself dreaming of travelling around the world five years from now. Perhaps your teenage son has a plan for his own business when he has finished training and you want to help him.

Don’t worry: we’ll still be there to help.

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