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Preservation & Protection

Whether it’s a rainy day or the perfect storm – as the credit crunch has been described – preparing will help to protect you, your health and your wealth.

The death, illness or accident of a family member can have a devastating effect emotionally and financially. Insufficient life assurance will not be enough to support survivors and will not help if illness leads to loss of income.

A working man is three times more likely to suffer long-term sickness or disability than to die before 65. Up to one in 10 men will suffer a heart attack before the age of 65. One in 10 executives now aged 45 will be lost to business before they are 65 as a result of critical illness, disability or death.

Hundreds of people every day in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Of those aged between 25 and 45, more than 60% of them will survive for at least five years.

A mix of policies can be used to protect against a range of eventualities: term assurance, whole of life, critical illness and permanent health insurance. Some polices can be combined with unit-linked and investment elements. Each has a function and using the right combination makes them more cost-effective.

Critical illness cover pays out in the event of a heart attack, cancer, coronary artery by-pass, major organ transplants and strokes but it can also cover conditions such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and additional “non-core conditions” for a slightly higher premium.

Sometimes having to wait for non-urgent medical treatment on the NHS can cause discomfort and reduce working efficiency or even income. It might mean time off work while awaiting treatment. Private medical insurance, for individuals, for family members or for employees of companies, means health problems being tackled promptly and at a convenient date.

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