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Your Life Goals

Financial security may be your only life goal. For most people, though, it is only the beginning: it is the first requirement to allow them to enjoy their lives to the full.

Once your sense of security is satisfied, what would you choose to do? Many of us are afraid to say, in case it sounds silly. It might be to sail your own yacht around the world, to escape to a Greek island to write a novel, to cross the Sinai desert, to collect first editions of Dickens.

Yet if we don’t aim at a goal, we won’t make real progress. Even if we fall short we may still sail a yacht we have a share in to the Mediterranean, write short stories, visit the Red Sea, collect limited-edition books.

Or we might feel embarrassed to be less ambitious. Your goal may be to send all of your children to university, to help them buy their homes, to have a house in the country large enough for your grandchildren to stay.

Your life goals may be clear, or may be vague. The may even be made up of a range of apparently conflicting goals. You may, for example, want to do what you can for the environment or for good causes but you also want to enhance and protect your wealth.

You may never sail the Antarctic Ocean with Greenpeace but you may put money into ethical investments, into funds which back companies who seek to benefit the community and the environment or who refuse to buy shares in companies involved in armaments, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography and animal exploitation.

Your life goals are as individual as you are. Financial advice is not an end in itself: it is a means to help you achieve your goals while protecting you on the journey.

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