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Working Worldwide

Our expatriate clients are spread throughout the world but, for all the effects of globalisation, we do not yet live in a true global village.

While the expatriate is working overseas, he or she is usually presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accumulate capital, frequently tax-free. However this opportunity can be lost or wasted if the wrong steps are taken in, for example, investing this capital and later in gaining access to it, tax efficiently, in the home country.

The expatriate’s situation is hugely different from his or her counterpart in the UK and the advice given must be geared to
maximise this unique opportunity. The offshore investment industry and the requirements of an expatriate are unique and normal UK-based investments and advice are simply insufficient.

There are four distinct and crucial stages which must be carefully planned:
• before going overseas,
• during the overseas contract,
• before returning permanently to the UK, and
• on returning to the UK, which is when the previous planning stages will be consolidated and fine-tuned.

At each of these stages we counsel clients to ensure they take the maximum advantage of their expatriate status.

Good advice in investing and managing the capital can pay for itself many times over, and this advice should be sought long before the future expatriate packs his case.

Our equally comprehensive services for expatriates cover:
• retirement planning,
• investment planning and fund management,
• protection planning,
• school fees,
• savings plans,
• mortgages and loans,
• property search, and
• tax planning, particularly in confirming non-resident status and preparation for repatriation.

When clients return to the UK, our international and UK experience come together to form an unrivalled and invaluable level of expertise.

Tapping into Finesco’s network of expertise will be one of the best investments you could make.

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