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Anyone with property is likely to risk falling into the inheritance tax net. Even the simplest tax affairs benefit from professional advice and the more complex the more there is to be gained.


Most accountancy and legal partnerships are involved in financial services: some on a day-to-day basis, others less frequently.

Often the firm will be authorised to conduct investment business directly and may advise on individual pensions and mortgage planning.

Where, though, there is a need for higher-level advice for clients or situations which the firm does not wish to handle internally, Finesco acts as an external partner to expand the level of financial support to clients.

Financial services are not the main activity of most small to medium-sized firms, who are busy with their clients’ accounting or legal needs. Our services allow them to do so while expanding the services they can offer.

We work in a consultancy capacity to identify opportunities where our financial services expertise can be employed.

We have often alerted firms to potential new income streams from work which would otherwise have gone elsewhere, providing sources of new revenue while taking up little or no partner and manager time.

Their clients are independently, professionally and knowledgeably advised but at all times we regard the professional firm’s relationship with its client as sacrosanct and never contact the client directly without its consent.

Each firm is different and we work with them to develop a working procedure suited to their style and preferences. Some firms, for example, wish us only to meet their clients in their offices; others to handle matters more directly. We always keep the relevant partners informed of the progress through correspondence or update meetings.

The professional firm does not have to undertake additional compliance work: Finesco works to the highest industry compliance standards.

We also keep the firm informed of developments in financial services which can assist its main activities. We are committed to improving and strengthening these associations and developing new ones, and we continue to devote a large part of our resources to this service.

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