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Review & Advisory

The ever-changing range of investment options is bewildering, complicated and increasingly time-consuming to unravel. Finesco’s in-house expertise can not only guide you to the best mix of investment choices to suit your pocket, your objectives and your timescale but will keep them under review to ensure that they continue to do so.

There are many investment products and plans available to choose from. Indeed since we started advising clients back in 1984 there has been a constant stream of new plans many with boastful claims. It’s our job to sort through this maze of often conflicting and confusing claims and to deliver a professional and affordable solution designed to be suitable for you.

Needless to say we cover the full range of investment plans available to individuals and businesses alike. Our advisory process results in a financial plan which we ensure is suitable for you and is designed to deliver the financial objectives you have asked us to include and to do so in a way which is understandable and brings you peace of mind.

Change is constant, as they say, and as soon as the plan is implemented there needs to be a process which reviews it from time to time to take into account the changing financial situation and your own evolving needs and circumstances. Finesco have had 25 years of experience implementing and reviewing plans for generations of clients.

If you have or want capital investment into the markets we can design a personal portfolio of collective investment schemes, unit trusts, investment trusts, offshore funds, bonds or gilts aimed at meeting your need for growth or income.

These can be reviewed with your other financial plans or if you
want the day to day assurance of a dedicated investment manager our Discretionary Investment Management Service, which we began in 1985 may be worthwhile.

The fully Discretionary Investment Management Service is available for private, corporate or trustee investors with lump sum capital to invest. Unlike our stockbroker counterparts, we offer this service to clients with reasonably modest investment capital of around £50,000 or more to invest.

Valuation reports are produced at six-monthly intervals, with year-end reports for tax purposes and interim reports at any other reasonable time. Custodian and nominee facilities can protect your privacy and withdrawals can be made at any time.

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