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Strategic planning anticipates a range of eventualities: some we want to happen, some we fear will happen, and some we plan to make happen, our options are greater for the planning.

Strategic Lifestyle Planning

Society is changing. In the past our life cycle was more predictable: more marriages lasted, the husband was the bread-winner, the wife stayed at home to raise the children, more people rented their homes, critical illnesses were often final.

Now more women earn their own living, couples save for a house and wait longer to start families, women return to work after having children, and families often rely on two incomes.

Survival rates of illnesses have improved, income must be protected against sickness and accident, and one in three marriages ends in divorce.

Women can face a range of specific problems not encountered by men in arranging their financial futures. More women than men take career breaks to rear children and have periods of part-time work or move jobs, losing out on potential pension benefits.

On divorce, a couple’s most valuable assets are usually the matrimonial home and pension schemes but divorced women often lose widows’ pension and life assurance benefits from their husbands’ schemes.

Women tend to live longer than men and older women, particularly widows, can face particular problems. Yet some pension plans can benefit both parties if a split should happen.

More children are going to university but the cost of fees, accommodation and living away from home keeps rising. Yet with sufficient years to save, a number of investment vehicles can provide funds to pay these costs and perhaps buy student property as a further investment.

Strategic planning anticipates and prepares for a range of eventualities: some we want to happen, like a daughter’s wedding; some we fear will happen, like a spouse’s illness; and some we plan to make happen, like sailing our yacht to the Med. Whether they happen or not, our options are greater for the planning.

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