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It is not enough to have the right products. They need to work in the most efficient way for you.

Our Approach

We talk about personal finance for a reason. Talking about money and your private financial affairs can feel almost as personal as talking about your health.

Yet one of the advantages of using an Independent Financial Advisor is the ability to discuss all aspects of your personal finances. As well as professional expertise, you want someone you can talk to easily who you feel confident is keen to handle your affairs.

Like many financial products, choosing a financial advisor is a long-term investment. A good advisor will be with you for years, able to counsel you at crucial stages of your life.

We will have a full and frank discussion with you about your financial affairs to get to know you personally as well as financially. We will conduct a complete fact-finding exercise, asking about age, family circumstances, health and tax status, as well as existing savings, investments and pension arrangements.

As well as identifying your needs we want to understand your feelings, your attitude to security and risk. We will follow this up with a written report and, if you agree, we will arrange a second interview so you can discuss it with us.

Only if you are happy with what we have proposed, will we go ahead with putting the proposals into practice.

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