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The right mix of insurance can cost-effectively protect against the worst contingencies.

Service Not Products

An overall strategy is necessary to successful financial planning.

It is not simply a question of taking out a new insurance policy or savings plan, or investing a little more into a pension plan. The solution lies in examining all the circumstances of you as an individual.

Insurance policies and pensions, for example, are long-term investments. The variation in performance between different companies can differ dramatically over 10, 20 or 25 years you are investing with them.

The difference in return from a poorly-performing company and one of the top-performing companies can be thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds. Such comparisons between products are, for the expert advisor, relatively straightforward.

However, there is something that differs far more than individual investments, and that is the individual investor: personal circumstances, income, tax liability, even how comfortable he or she feels about risk and security.

Investment planning, fund management, protection planning, school fees, savings plans, mortgages and loans, property and tax planning and retirement planning – it is not enough just to have the right products in place.

They need to complement each other so that they work in the most efficient way for you. That is why we stress service over products.

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