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As well as your needs, we want to understand your feelings, your attitude to security and risk

Investment Planning

Good planning enables you to achieve not only what you want but when you want it: the income to fund buying a larger house, a lump sum for school fees or your daughter’s wedding, the capital to fund starting your own business.

You might have money invested but it might be in the wrong product tied with exit penalties. Forward planning can help you loosen the strings on your money and the constraints on your options.

Investment planning should be a continuing process, with annual checks to ensure your investment aims are still right and that your investments are correctly aligned with those objectives.

Among the questions we will ask are:
• When do you need access to your capital or income from that capital?
• Do your investments cover your needs for the short, medium and long term?
• Is the structure of your portfolio still in line with your attitude to risk?
• Have your tax liabilities changed in a way that affects your investment needs?
• Do your investments make best use of any tax reliefs available?
• How are your investments performing? Should we restructure them?
• Are your investments balanced in regard to geographical spread and sector spread?

Investment planning should be tailored to you and, like a well-tailored suit, its benefits last longer.

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