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A mix of policies can be used to protect against a range of eventualities:. Some can be combined with investment elements. Using the right combination makes them more cost-effective.

Retirement Planning

Around 10,000 working people retire every week in the UK. The fortunate ones embark on what has been described at the longest holiday of their lives, pursuing hobbies, travel, study, charitable work and a varied social life.

For too many it is the start of the longest struggle of their lives: against reduced income, reduced choice, a reduced standard and a reduced social life.

The main difference between the two groups is financial planning. Finesco views providing an income in retirement as the cornerstone of financial planning.

The routes to providing an income in retirement have never been more varied, and they are supported by tax relief from the Government. That variety has helped to produce complexity but this is no reason to put off planning the most important investment of your life.

A pension scheme can and should be selected and designed to suit your specific circumstances: age, income, occupation, prospects, etc. We can advise on pensions for those in the most varied circumstances.

• For those with no existing scheme, we can advise on selecting a scheme, payment levels, choice of investment, retirement ages, combining a scheme with life cover, and the relationship with the State Second Pension.

• For those who are members of a company scheme, we can review the scheme, examine its provisions, such as whether you can retire early, add to it or change it, move it with you on changing jobs and your full range of options.

• For those with a personal or private scheme, we will examine if it should be reviewed, how its performance compares with others, how new legislation has changed your choices, if you are paying enough, if you can add to it, and any changes you should make approaching retirement.

• For those with special factors, whether they are self-employed, directors, or limited companies, we can explore their full range of options.

This relies on an in-depth knowledge of your requirements, which comes only from a detailed fact-find, and can only be done by independent financial advisors like Finesco.

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